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I appreciate the finer things in life - like sarcasm and bad words set in pretty typefaces

Raised in the Stockholm archipelago by a large family of academics and artists. Moved to Uppsala and then Linköping for university studies, starting in energy engineering and then moving on to art history and graphic design. Moved back to Stockholm in 2015 and is now living in Sundbyberg with my partner and about 50 plants 🌱.

Without good communication there can be no great design


While design might be my first love I have found I have a deep interest in the way people communicate with eachother. Who are they? Why do they behave or express themselves in a certain way? How can I adapt my own ways of communication to help build that geniune connection? All of these questions are vital to examine not only in interpersonal relationships but when meeting clients, understanding brands and their target groups. I dare say that the most important factor of creating a good design solution is simply listening and asking the right questions.

To learn more about me and my previous work - get in touch using the button below.

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