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FAR is a trade organization for accountants, salary consultants,  tax advisors and other financial specialists. With about 5300 members FAR is playing a big part in developing the auditing and financial consulting industry.

This is a pitch I worked on during 2019 when FAR was looking to update their current website in order to improve the user experience and overall design.

They provide their users with large amounts of educational materials such as courses, books and an online toolkit. However, when navigating the website, their users often couldn't find the content  they were looking for.

In the design suggestion I created, the navigation is simplified by breaking it into a preliminary menu (focused on the most popular services) and a secondary menu with more general pages. The startpage also contains feature areas for the most popular services as well as the latest news from both FAR and their trade magazine. The startpage layout remains quite minimal while the look and feel is much more playful, using bright colors and diagonals to let FARs brand shine.

Focus areas: UX-design, UI-design.

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